Horizon Prosthetics specializes in custom built prosthetics devices. Our caring staff works with each patient to assess their activity needs, individual goals, and unique challenges to help us create a truly custom and personalized device to help both maximize what they’re capable of and improve their quality of life. Whether it’s a child’s first prosthesis, an active grandparent, or even a USA Paralympic athlete we are dedicated to providing the absolute best in service and prosthetics.

The Horizon team has decades of experience delivering upper and lower extremity devices including:

  • Pre-operative Consultation, Post-Operative Consultation
  • Lower Limb Prostheses
    • Transtibial, Below The Knee (BK)
    • Transfemoral Above The Knee (AK)
    • Knee Disarticulation (KD)
    • Symes
    • Partial Foot
    • Hip Disarticulation
    • Bi-Laterals
    • Van Ness Rotationplasty
    • Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency
    • Microprocesser knees, hips, ankles
  • Upper Limb Prostheses – Body Powered and Myoelectric
  • Pediatric Prostheses
  • Sports and Specialty Prostheses
  • Cosmetic Silicone Skins

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